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The Village as a Gift- But is it really a Gift?

“Xiong Shuihua, a Chinese multimillionaire, bulldozed his old decrepit hometown to build luxury condos for everyone, for free, as a humble “thank you.”  … .Xiong Shuihua was born in Xiongkeng village in the… Continue reading

Urban BLOBs

30 Cities From 200 Years Ago…And Where They Are Now  / by NYU Stern Urbanization Project

Swept by automobile

What was the effect of the World War II bombings for the European Cities,  was for the American cities the invasion of auto mobile infrastructure. The concept of “continuous ground”- the plateau where… Continue reading

What Cities Really Need to Attract Entrepreneurs, According to Entrepreneurs

From Atlantic Cities (bonus some thoughts for Athens..) “..But what really attracts innovative entrepreneurs who create these economy-boosting companies? The answers: talented workers, and the quality of life that the educated and ambitious… Continue reading

On-line shopping goes physical

Τα νέα έρχονται από την Κορέα, εκεί που όλες οι νέες τεχνολογίες αφομοιώνονται με τεράστια ταχύτητα και γίνονται κοινός τόπος, με την Seoul πρωτοπόρο σε ό,τι αφορά όρους όπως smart city, sharing city … Continue reading

Το ήθος του πολίτη- Για τα εμπορικά καταστήματα που ανοίγουν Κυριακή

“….Γιατί να αρνηθούμε την γοητεία των άδειων δρόμων, να στερηθούμε αυτή την ειδική συνθήκη, όπου η πόλη μας ανήκει πιο πολύ απ’ ότι τις άλλες μέρες που λειτουργεί μ’ όλες τις μηχανές τις… Continue reading

When the Lights Went Out: A History of Blackouts in America by David E Nye – review

Α  study on blackouts as a ‘historically new collective experience’ When the Lights Went Out: A History of Blackouts in America by David E Nye – review

Are Bike Lanes a White Thing? | On the Commons

“You cannot be for a start-up, high-tech economy and not be pro-bike.” “Bike lanes are not driving the wave of gentrification,” Roskowski observed at the Equity Summit. “It’s a much broader economic and social… Continue reading