The Parliament is free!


It is the first day after the inauguration of the new Greek Government and the fence which was installed to protect the Greek Parliament, during all the anti-austerity demonstrations, is finally down in a highly  symbolic action.

In the same spirit  the new Minister of Public Order  is going to remove all the SWAT vans  which the last years  surround the area of Exarchia in a daily basis,  marking a possible battlefield, an area  where police violence against anarchists  is somehow accepted.

This act of removal of symbolic and real fences maybe the beginning of an era that puts an end  to the degradation of the term public space. It comes in a very crucial moment when throughout Europe strict laws act as fences which ban every undesired behaviour and undesired person.

This could make us think again that the public space, itself needs no protection and the only ones who need protection are those who are afraid of Public.