A self-defeating contest. “Designing for free speech”


 An unexpected contest for public spaces in ΝΥ “Designing for free speech”.
From the title it can be assumed, first of all, that the freedom of expression in public space it’ s lost (at least for NY) and that somehow it has to be reinvented and obtained through design.

This sounds very contradictory as long as most of the examples of urban regenerations throughout the world show us the more design= the less free speech.

From the brief of the contest… “Free speech is essential for a vibrant culture and a democratic society, yet spaces for public expression seem harder and harder to find in the places where we live, work and play. What does a space for free speech look and feel and sound like? Can they be designed? Are there places in New York City where we can design them?”

You  still have some time for proposals. Till 15 may 2014.