What Cities Really Need to Attract Entrepreneurs, According to Entrepreneurs

From Atlantic Cities (bonus some thoughts for Athens..)

“..But what really attracts innovative entrepreneurs who create these economy-boosting companies?
The answers: talented workers, and the quality of life that the educated and ambitious have come to expect – not the low-tax, favorable-regulation approach that many state and local governments tout.

…Looking at this sample of America’s most successful new businesses, Endeavor identified two fundamental patterns.

For one, size matters. These top business-creators gravitated towards cities with at least a million residents in the metro area. This offered the scale and diverse array of offerings needed to attract talent.

A city also needs to be able to appeal to the young and the restless. The entrepreneurs surveyed were a highly mobile bunch when they first started out….
The study found that two other key factors in the location choices of entrepreneurs are major transportation networks (like airports and highways that can connect them to other cities) and proximity to customers and suppliers. This echoes MIT’s Eric von Hippel’s claim that end-users and customers are key innovators.”  … Read more here


Hmm!,  it seems like Athens really has a chance. After Chinese workers, Apple will find here the young and restless, over-creative Phd Athenians, who struggle even for a waiter’s job.

That’s why such a rush by the otherwise cumbersome Municipality of Athens, to organize creativity clusters in Omonia square.

So, go on Google, and Facebook, and Apple, Athens is the place for young and smart!